Gutter Experts

We install seamless Aluminum, Copper, Galvalume, Galvanized, or Zinc gutters. Our gutters are hung with Northern Climate Approved Screw Mounted Hidden Hangers.Our corners our custom hand mitered which allows for only (1) seam and not (3) like a box miter.

Standard 5

Standard 5" K-style Gutters

  • Standard Residential size
  • .027 gauge aluminum
  • 2" x 3" downspouts
  • Available in over 40 colors
  • Some colors available in .032 gauge
  • Removable or flip up downspout extensions

The 5" K-style gutter is the standard size gutter on most homes. The gutters are rolled out to the lengths that are needed right at the location for a truly seamless gutter. We custom hand miter our corners, so there is only one seam as opposed to a box miter that has three seams. Our gutters are hung with northern climate approved screw mounted hidden hangers, unless wedges, roof strap hangers, or vampires are used in special situations. This 5" gutter size comes in over 40 colors as well as copper.

Premium 6

Premium 6" K-style Gutters

  • Standard Commercial size
  • .032 gauge aluminum
  • 3" x 4" downspouts
  • Available in over 20 colors
  • Removable or flip up downspout extensions

Our premium 6" K-Style gutter is made from a thicker metal (.032 gauge) than our standard 5" K-Style gutter (.027 gauge). With this gutter being a larger size, it really fills up the fascia board so your home has the look of crown molding on it. We believe most houses in Michigan should have the larger 6" gutters due to the torrential down pours that occur here. However, it is usually based off the volume of water coming off the roof.

Large roofs, steepness of the roof, and roof valleys all are factors in determining which size of gutter best works for your house. Your gutters can either blend in with your house or by using the 4" round (smooth or corrugated) downspouts give it it's own unique characteristic. The use of a contrast color can also create a whole new look as well.

Historical 6

Historical 6" Half Round Gutters

  • Aluminum, Copper, Gavalume
  • Installed with Screw Mounted Hidden Hangers or Decorative External bar
  • Downspouts come in 3" or 4" Round (smooth or corrugated)

Our premium historical 6" Half Round gutters give your home a very distinguished look. They will set your house apart from the rest. These gutters come with either 4" round, smooth or corrugated, downspouts. Both of which add a unique look. Collector boxes are also another option to add onto your downspouts to give your home even more of a masterpiece look.

7" K-style Gutters

The 7" K-Style gutter can handle extreme volumes of water. This gutter would benefit nicely on a commercial building. It has very limited color selections.



  • Decorative Collector Boxes (Functional or Nonfunctional)
  • Installation of homeowner provided Rain barrels or Rain chains