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Gutter Guards?

Clogged gutters negate their benefits. they can fill with leaves, pine needles, oak tassels, asphalt and other shingle debris, and nests that harbor infestation.

They can trap stagnant water in the debris and become a breeding area for mosquitoes. Dried debris, particularly pine needles, create a potential fire hazard during drought conditions in areas prone to forest fires.

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Gutters should be cleaned out or at least checked for debris at least once or twice a year to ensure proper functioning. If you live in a highly wooded area, you will need to have your gutters cleaned out or your leaf covers cleaned or brushed off a couple of times a year.

Gutter RX Covers

  • Self Cleaning Ridges

  • All Aluminum Construction

  • Invisible from the ground

  • Strengthens the Entire Gutter System

  • Keeps Pests from Building Nests

The Gutter RX cover is one of the best gutter covers out on the market as far as cost and effectiveness. However this cover does NOT protect against pine needles and shingle debris getting into your gutters.

It is designed to have the wind blow the leaves off, but it all depends on the amount of debris and the moisture involved. It is easier to brush the tops of your covers off then it is to scoop out the nasty decaying debris out of the gutters.

Xtreme Micro Mesh Gutter Guard

  • Handles 60 Gallons of Water per Minute
  • .42 Stainless-Steel Mesh, (Surgical-Grade)

  • Heavy-Duty, .024-Grade Aluminum Body
  • Durable Substrate Material

Optimally sized mesh openings protect gutters from leaves, twigs, pine needles, oak tassels, shingle grit and other miniscule debris that may cause clogging.

Made with an exclusive, patented hemming process that keeps the mesh tight, Xtreme Gutter Guards won’t sag or separate. Long-lasting, these gutter guards have a 20-year warranty. Finish your installation from a complete selection of miters.

5 Year Labor warranty
15 Year Material Warranty